Things You Must Know About Hiring a Bankruptcy Attorney

bankruptcy law

Bankruptcy attorneys are your best friend if you ever face any problem related to bankruptcy – that may be for your own bankruptcy case or something related to corporation or organization you are associated with. Before you go to hire such bankruptcy attorney, it is always helpful to have information about the types of bankruptcy. Usually, there are four types of bankruptcy hearing seen in the courts – Chapter 7, 11, 13 and 13. Among them, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are related to personal bankruptcy whereas the remaining chapters are related to corporation and agricultural bankruptcy processes respectively.

Now when you need to hire a good and reputable bankruptcy attorney, you must follow certain steps to make your decision wise.

  • Check out the areas of expertise of the attorney

At first, you should find out the attorneys who are working on the bankruptcy cases solely. There must be some attorneys who have immense reputation to handle these cases and they have years of knowledge. Now as per the type of bankruptcy case, you should sort out who have the better reputations in that particular field.

Other attorneys may handle the bankruptcy cases too, but they may not aware about the latest development in the economy and other relevant sections as the bankruptcy attorney can know as a solo-practitioner. Moreover, a specialist from this field may have good resources through which they can brighten up the chances of winning the case.

  • Find out the specialized field of bankruptcy

All bankruptcy attorneys may be not so good to handle all types of cases on bankruptcy. You have been already informed about the types of bankruptcy. Now as a potential debtor, you should always choose the attorney as per the type of case you are going to face.

  • Verify the handling process of the creditor’s meeting

bankruptcyThe potential debtor should also enquire at the beginning whether his hired attorney will appear for the meeting of creditor along with his potential debtor client. After the completion of paper work and filing of the document with the Bankruptcy Court, a meeting is scheduled between the debtor and creditor which is a crucial. It is always recommended to be at the meeting with your attorney to handle the entire process in the right legal procedure.

The First Meeting of Creditors” is always important since it is the chance for the debtor to convince any creditor if he or she can prevent the charge of bankruptcy. In case, the hired attorney cannot be present in the meeting, there should be a replaced attorney. A debtor without having an attorney is never a good idea since the trustee may ask for some documents to be sent to the trustee’s office or any specific queries that the debtor may not answer properly.

  • Enquire the attorney fees

Most importantly, the potential debtor must enquire about the fees of the attorney before appointing someone. Different attorney has different fees based on their experience, knowledge and other things. Before hiring one, you need to enquire whether the fees include everything or there can be any inclusion of fees later.